Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The beginning!!

As soon as we found out we would be moving to Switzerland my friends and family members kept telling me i should start a blog so that everyone could see what our daily lives are like. I'll be honest..i didn't really want to. I'm not great at writing. I'm a pretty private person. Even though I live in the age of Facebook and Twitter i didn't really want everyone knowing everything about my life. I'm not good at being transparent except to close friends and family. Then, someone told me i could take these posts and put them in books like a story or journal. I then realized maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to write down our lives and put them in books so that one day our kids and grandchildren could hear about our adventures. I love hearing stories about my grandparents lives, and I hope that one day my children and grandchildren will look at those books, treasure them and learn from them.

So hear I am.....starting this blog!! We will see how it goes. Don't expect anything fancy. It will be an inside glimpse of the craziness that is our lives these days. It will mainly be thoughts and notes about Switzerland, our travels, and the many adjustments to living overseas.

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