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Cinque Terre, Italy with David & Becky Part 2

On David and Becky's 5th day of visiting we headed to Italy!! We never get tired of going to Italy. It is my favorite country to visit. Every city offers something different. The people are usually so nice and the food is always so good. There is always lot's to do and see.

Here is a little information on Cinque Terre, Italy if you have never heard of it! Cinque Terre is also known as Five Lands or 5 Terre as you will see it called on plenty of souvenirs in the area. The Five Lands is located in the Italian Riviera on the Ligurian Sea. Cinque Terre consists of :

Riomaggiore (Where we stayed)
Monterosso al Mare
The drive from Geneva to Italy sure is beautiful. It was actually sunny and they were able to finally see the Mont Blanc! 


To get to Italy you have to drive through the Mont Blanc tunnel. It costs 40 euros round trip and takes 14 minutes to drive through it. 
They hand you directions that you have to follow and there are cameras all through it to fine you if you don't follow them. I told Becky we would go through around 80 tunnels to get to the Italian Riviera. We decided we would keep count. Turns out there was 108 tunnels!! Wow!
We booked an apartment to stay at in Riomaggiore. You never know what to expect about your lodging while traveling abroad. But we ended up in a lovely little apartment. When we got to Riomaggiore the landlord had told us to call him and he would take us to our apartment. Cars are only allowed in certain an areas and there was special parking. We met our little Italian landlord (who was adorable) and he took us right to it. He told us to follow him in our car and we did lol!!
He spent about an hour going over everything with us including how to open and close windows and how to use the coffee sweet. He told us where to eat and where not to eat and handed us our maps!

So we went and did some exploring and had a wonderful dinner that night in Manarola.
 Is this not the cutest. Becky pointed it out to me all these little old women hanging out.


After touring Riomaggiore we walked over to Manarola to eat some dinner.  The route from Manarola to Riomaggiore is called the Via dell' Amore (Path of Love). It's about a mile long but offers some beautiful and scenic views.  The reason it's called the Path of Love is because before the path was built, people could only marry others within their own town because there wasn't an easy way to get to the other towns. After they built the path in the 1920's, it became a lovers' meeting point for boys and girls from the two towns to meet up.  You can also find lots of locks on the fences that people put up to show their love for their significant other...just like the one we put up in Paris.

Day 2: We woke up excited to go hiking!!!

 We hiked from Riomaggiore to Manarola from there we took a bus to Volastra and hiked down to Corniglia and then hiked to Vernazza!! We were able to stop in each town and do a little site seeing.

 We even had time to stop for a little gelato!!
 They actually had some for me!! Gluten and soy free....made my day!!

 In Corniglia these are the stairs you have to climb to get to and from the train. It is quite the hike in itself!! I think there was a sign at the bottom that states that it will take at least 15 minutes to reach the top to get to the city. Whew!!

 We toured Vernazza. Which was one of my favorite towns. Just last year they were devastated by floods where 6 people died  and the town was covered in 12 ft of water.  They are now rebuilding!

Then we took the the train to Monterosso al Mare to spend a little time on the beach!!

We headed back to Manarola for some dinner!!

 David and David had some fish for dinner....eeek!!

Day 3: David H. woke up not feeling so well so we went and hung out on the beach while David R. and Becky went hiking again!

Day 4:  Left Cinque Terre and headed to Pisa!!
We took Becky and David to Pisa and dropped them off at the train station.  They still had another week of vacationing to do hitting up Rome and Tuscany. Unfortunately David H. had to be back at work so we weren't able to go. First we had to see the leaning tower and do a little shopping!!

Last group shot of the trip!!

Another gorgeous drive home!!

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