Wednesday, June 27, 2012

David & Becky's Trip to Switzerland Part 1

Some friends of ours came for a visit just a couple of weeks ago. They stopped in Switzerland for a couple of days and then we all headed to Cinque Terre, Italy for the weekend.

We had the worst weather possible while they were here, which we felt terrible about. We had been having absolutely beautiful weather before that and then the rain came in and stayed the entire 4 days.

On the first day, we showed them around Geneva. We took them to the Jet d'eau first which is the landmark of Geneva. It's supposed to look like this.

 Sadly, they never got to see it except for from the bus window. When we started walking over towards it they turned it off.  They didn't turn it back on until we were back on the bus headed back to our house. That was the first big fail of the trip! Here are a couple of pictures from my friend Becky's blog. You can view the pictures of her trip here  at Becky's Blog. They were able to do some more traveling after we all left Cinque Terre  so you can read all about her exciting European vacation!

Day 2: David H. had to go back to work and so the rest of us went on to visit the Chocolate factory, Gruyere,  and the Chateau de Chillon.  You might remember similar pictures that I posted when David's family was visiting.  Our first stop was in Broc, Switzerland at the Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory.

Everyone always enjoys the tasting room at the end where you get to sample free chocolate. 

 Then it was off to Gruyere to eat some fondue!  Gruyere is one of my favorite places to visit in Switzerland because it is such a cute little medieval town. I love the scenery which even in the rain doesn't disappoint  and they have some really cute little gift shops and we always enjoy stopping by for some fondue! Most of all there are no cars or buses allowed in this little town.

 Usually there are some gorgeous mountains in the background. I wished it would have been sunny and clear but it was still pretty.

 Finally it was time for some fondue. Typically one of the main cheeses that goes into a fondue is Gruyere cheese.  Gruyere cheese got it's name from this town. This is the little restaurant that we always eat at. Usually we eat outside but since the weather was so drizzly we ate inside instead.

We also tried a little Raclette. This is a raclette machine and all it does is melt the top layer of cheese and then you scrape it off and pour it over potatoes!!


Finally the sun started shining and we headed to see the Chateau de Chillon in 
Montreux, Switzerland.

Day 3: We went to Annecy, France another cute little town with all kinds of shopping and a beautiful lake. In true European fashion it rained again.

I got to introduce them to the famous French meal of tartiflette...more cheese and potatoes, but it is one of our favorites!!

 Day 4: Chamonix, France. I have to tell you that I was so excited about taking them to Chamonix. It offers some of the most beautiful views of the Italian, Swiss, and French Alps that you will ever see in your life. You also get to see beautiful views of the Mont Blanc.   It was raining all day and the cloud coverage was so low that by the time we got there all you could see was this.

Ummm....I wish I would have gotten a picture of our disappointed faces because this is what it was supposed to looks like.
I was pretty disappointed...I'm so glad they were such good sports about it. We did take a cog train to see the glacier but still we saw nothing!!

 So we decided to eat...again lol!!

Me and David shared a steak that you cook on a stone at your table and it comes with all kinds of cooking sauces. Becky ordered the tartiflette again!

And this ended their journey in Switzerland. On day 4 we headed to Cinque Terre, Italy which you can read about more in my next post.

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