Monday, November 28, 2011


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We were blessed to spend most of Thanksgiving week in London, England. We have had this trip planned since the summer. We were originally supposed to have moved to Switzerland last July. So we were supposed to be in London for David's 30th birthday. We didn't actually get to Europe until the beginning of August so we had to cancel his birthday trip. It was so nice to be in London this time of year, though. Everything was decorated beautifully for Christmas.

London is probably one of our favorite places so far. I'm not really sure if that's because it felt more like home than it did a vacation or what?! It was so nice to find familiar foods to eat. It was even more nice to be able to read road signs and easily figure out where we needed to go. It was great to hear people speaking in English and be able to answer them back!! It had all the things you miss when you are living over seas. I even saw a 3 story Whole Foods!! We loved every minute of our visit!! Even our hotel had all the conveniences that we are used to!! And who doesn't love a British accent? I mean it's adorable. On their trash cans they have rubbish written instead of trash!! L.O.V.E. it!!

One of the best things about living over here is that it's pretty inexpensive to travel. We were able to take an EasyJet flight to get there. EasyJet has really cheap flights so we were both able to get round trip tickets for a total of 180CHF. The only problem with EasyJet is that they only allow you to take a carry on. You aren't allowed a regular size piece of luggage unless you pay for it. This time of year that's difficult when you need boots, jackets, scarves, gloves, and sweaters and are going to be gone for four days. Since we don't have anything but backpacks with us here, we paid a little extra to take 1 medium size suitcase which we both had to fit everything into. Some of my best friends who know what an over packer I am would be so proud. I should have taken a picture of the miracle. It was a very tight fit and almost impossible to get our souvenir's back, but we made it work.

We stayed in London for four days and still didn't see half of everything we would have like to have seen. We did hop on a double decker bus tour and see most of the big sites. We loved going through Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral. We saw Les Miserable on the West End (the London equivalent of Broadway) which was amazing. For the rest of the post i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are a couple of my favorites. You can view our smilebox if you want to see them all!!

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