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A U.S. Wedding!

I never had any intention of taking a 3 month break from blogging but we have had some major stuff going and needless to say i've been a little distracted.  First of all, we have been having some  computer problems. I  have been having a huge problem with blogger and then we were also having problems with iphoto. Every time I would try and do anything with our pictures the whole computer would shut down without any warning. It was so frustrating. I've had to rewrite these posts several different times. After pulling out my hair numerous times I decided to take a little break and work on some other things for awhile. I'm still having some problems with blogger that I can't get sorted out but it's a little better now. We also recently found out that we will be moving home the middle of January...yay!! We are so excited and sad at the same time but we definitely think it's time to head back to the U.S. We are sad because it's been such a fun adventure. On top of that, we found out that upon moving back to the US we will be moving to Kansas!!  Are you baffled? We sure were!! I never imagined that we would live in Kansas...of course I felt the same way with Switzerland and the Philippines and Minnesota. We have had a chance to visit the area and I have to say we really liked it! Who knew they had such great shopping in Kansas!! We just got back from a house hunting trip that went pretty well so we are excited to see what the future holds for us there. It was a tough decision. We were finally going to be back close to family again and so it is such a bitter sweet move. As much as we will miss Europe we are so excited to be moving home..but at the same time home won't feel like home since everything will be new once again. We have a lot going on with trying to finish up last minute stuff here and coordinating getting all of our stuff moved to Kansas. We actually have to work with 3 different moving companies 1) To get our stuff to the US 2) That will move our stuff from Storage in Ohio to Kansas 3) Someone else to move all the stuff we left at friends and families in Lexington to Kansas.  We are selling the house that we loved. It's been an interesting time.  We also found out that Toby (he's the white dog) has prostate cancer.

 Every time we have moved he has been with us...even to Europe. We can't imagine him not being there the next time. We got to go home and spend some time with him over Thanksgiving which was nice. This picture was their first time on public transportation in Europe..except for the plane ride over of course!

So now I need to do a little catching up!!

Let's go back to the end of August/beginning of September. Yep, that's how behind I am!

Anyway, September was an exciting month. Not only did we get to spend about two and half weeks back in the US we also welcomed a new member  to our family. My younger brother got married!!

Congratulations M & M we love you guys!!

While we were visiting our schedule was jammed pack with showers, a wedding, and several different birthday parties. Not to mention David had to work the entire time we were home. Plus, we had to get into doctors appts, haircuts, and stock up again on everything we would need until we actually move home.

First we celebrated my little sister's birthday with some pizza and ice cream! Can't believe how grown up she is. I guess she will  always be the baby to us!!

Then we headed to TN for the bachelor/bachelorette parties. We were able to get there a little early and spend some time with my older sister  and her family who we haven't seen in over a year. 
We even got to catch one of my nephews football practices. I'm pretty biased but I have the cutest little nephews ever! 

Then it was time for the bachelor/bachelorette parties. Sadly the guys didn't have a camera so I only have pictures of what the girls did.
We spent the day getting our make up done at a a new little shop that is known for doing some very big name country stars makeup!

 The Bride
Maid of Honor
My youngest sister/Bridesmaid  

My older sister/ Matron of Honor

We spent some time cuddling with my nephews!

We also went to Painting with a Twist
Have you ever heard of this before? They give you a blank canvas and teach you how to paint. It was so much fun despite some of our horrific painting skills.

Before Picture!!


Then we met up with the guys and had dinner, dessert and hung out. It was nice just getting to spend time together and all be in the same place at the same time for once!!

Then we headed back home for a bridal shower!!

We spent some time with David's brother and his wife. Isn't she just the cutest little pregnant person ever! Since I'm writing this post so late they are now the proud parents of sweet little girl!! Can't wait to meet our niece when we move home!

My best friend had a big birthday and i'm so glad we got to be there to celebrate with her!!

Rehearsal dinner!!
Can't believe this was blurry!!
We were having too much fun!!


Then it was the Wedding Day!! Here are a couple of my favorites!!

 Miles & David!

Me and my little brother !!
 Me and my man!!
Beautiful Bride!!
Miles and the nephews!!

The family!!

David and his mom!
My sister and her family!
 Me and the beautiful bride!!
 David and our friend Rob!
David and my Grandpa!
My dad!!
My mom!!

 Love this!!
 Family and family friends!!
Cousin, Aunt, Grandmother!!

Congratulations!! Praying you all have a lifetime of love and wonderful memories!!

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